Our Formula is Simple
Our Results are Extraordinary

Not Your Everyday Sport Nutrition

You have talent; your athletic ability is evident. You’ve surprised critics with your discipline and perhaps even yourself…just a little.

Now you see the next step is nothing else than to create your own mark, take it further than ever before.

You are pushing the edge, but strangely, you see that you could BE the Edge. You consider…What is it going to take? Who do you need to be to carry this as far as possible?

Our simple approach produces a world-class athlete. We guarantee a percentage of increased performance for each of our athletes. Our comprehensive nutrition strategies ultimately train an athlete to become the master of their sport performance.

Our primary clients are:

  • Elite Athletes and Special Forces
  • Coaches, Trainers, and Health Practitioners who want an elite nutrition program
  • College, Competitive Casual, and High School Athlete’s

Simple Formula

As you experience our simple formula tailored to you, your lifestyle, and your sport: you will develop a mastery of reading your body and an understanding of the tools available to get the results you wish. Long after our athletes retire they still find themselves mastering changes in their body.

Our Simple Formula

The Right Food + Hydration + Timing + Supplements + Rest = Athletic Nutrition

Our Guarantee

When we join your team we guarantee a range of results:

Professional Athlete = 3%-7% performance improvement

Olympic Athlete = 5%-12% performance improvement

College Athlete = 12%-23% performance improvement

Competitive Casual Athlete = 15%-45% performance improvement

High School Athlete = 4%-60% performance improvement

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